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wintermoon festival
Wintermoon Festival

  • Tropical Wintermoon
    Tropical Wintermoon
  • Fun Kid Activities
    Fun Kid Activities
  • Enjoying the Stalls
    Enjoying the Stalls
  • Beautiful Swimming at Wintermoon Creek
    Beautiful Swimming at Wintermoon Creek
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SpringFestival 2017 Announced

Yes we are holding a Spring festival in Camerons Pocket for 2017 from 1st to 3rd of September. So get your camping gear out and dance feet on and come and relax for a weekend. You will be able to camp with your car and there is a list of workshops and stallholders will be there to. So come down[…]

20th Wintermoon Documentary

The 20th Wintermoon Documentary is now available and can be bought with your 2017 ticket or on its own for $30.95 including postage. Get relaxed with some beautiful footage of the 2016 Wintermoon festival 20th Anniversary Wintermoon Festival DVD