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About Wintermoon

Spring Festival @ Wintermoon

The beginning of September brings new life and growth to our environment as we leave winter behind and head towards the spring equinox.  Wintermoon Spring Festival embraces this special time by bringing people together to celebrate and rejoice in the beauty of life.

  • Come along and experience world class entertainment with live music and concerts that will inspire you to dance, connect socially to those around you or just relax.
  • Enrich your soul with yoga and meditation that will help you feel centred and calm.
  • Heal with art therapy workshops or learn from facilitators that will share rich skills that range from traditional weaving techniques to contemporary art practices.
  • Nourish your musical abilities by learning to sing or play a musical instrument purely for the enjoyment of it.
  • Treat yourself to a film festival that showcases the beauty of Wintermoon through the eyes of previous enthusiasts.
  • Check out the environmentally friendly crafts, wares and services available through our many niche stalls.
  • Delight your senses by exploring the pristine creek, its surrounding environment and then savor the food on offer at our Moonshine Café’.

Or just immerse yourself in the joy and excitement that is Wintermoon Spring Festival 2017.

Save the date and invite your friends and family to celebrate our wonderful planet and its gift of Spring!



On the 1st weekend of May each year, people from all over Australia make their way to the little-known Camerons Pocket.

This chunk of paradise comes alive on this weekend when it hosts the Wintermoon Festival.

Set in the foothills of the north-east boundary of the Eungella National Park, this quiet rural setting beside the beautiful St Helens Creek comes alive with hundreds of festival-goers seeking the wonderful world music and the camaraderie with people who enjoy their escape to tranquillity. The fact that it’s family-friendly is a big attraction to those with little ones. Camps rapidly appear on land that was once an orchard and strains of guitars, fiddles, mandolins and flutes can be heard from spontaneous performances around the site.

The festival not only boasts some of the best world music performers from Australia but also showcases some of our local talent on three stages strategically placed at various locations within the grounds. If one artist is not to your taste, you can stroll off and check out what’s happening on one of the other stages.

As well as music, there are market stalls selling mostly hand-made items or offering massage or holistic health services. And you won’t go hungry either with a variety of fare from the Hare Krishna vegetarian food to the more familiar burgers and everything in between.

Campers are well catered for with facilities such as hot showers and plenty of toilets.

The Wintermoon Festival began in 1996 as a tiny local event with locals as entertainers and audience. Word has spread about the beautiful location, and family-friendly atmosphere.

Although the festival has grown quite large, it still seems a “small, cosy festival” at heart because it’s always surrounded by friendly, helpful people, and families are a big part of our festival, so the kids are always well catered for.

To optimise the safety of our guests and to maintain the serenity of your camping surroundings a strict ticketing policy for youth has been implemented.