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wintermoon festival
Wintermoon Festival


Stall Application

butterflybluex2018 Second Round Applications are OPEN

Wintermoon Festival Stall

Second Round Applications for the 2018 Wintermoon festival
stallholders are OPEN
Second Round applications is for stallholders that will be offered a place if any current accepted stall holders cancel or do not pay there fees on time.  They will then be have chance of offering a spot as a stall holder.
Tickets and stall fees to be paid within 2 weeks of notification

When you submit these details, the vendor coordinator will advise you by email or phone to offer you a site.

Do not purchase tickets until you have been contacted to confirm your application has been successful.

A Successful form should send you a confirmation email confirming submission was successful. Please check this. :)

include information like if local handmade goods, handmade overseas or imported
(e.g. special needs for disabled or infants, need for shade and reason, etc.)
I understand that the bump in time starts on Saturday the 28th of April and ends at 6pm Thursday the 3rd of May. The packing up and leaving time for stallholders is not before 6pm Monday the 7th of May. I will not move my car or my stall for the duration of the whole festival.
For Stallholders which have been here before we cannot guarantee the same spot as the stalls layout changes with the years. But we will do our best to put them back in the spot they were before.