Spring Festival Stall Holder Application

wintermoon festival
Wintermoon Festival


Spring Festival Stall Holder Application

butterflybluex2017 SpringFestival StallHolder Applications areĀ OPEN

Wintermoon Festival Stall

Applications for the 2017 Spring Festival areĀ OPEN

Tickets and stall fees to be paid within 2 weeks of notification

When you submit these details, the vendor coordinator will advise you by email or phone to offer you a site.

Do not purchase tickets until you have been contacted to confirm your application has been successful.

Successfull form should send you a confirmation email confirming submission was succesfull. Please check this. :)

If you where a stallholder at Wintermoon 2017 and your stall and details will be the same please check the previous stall holder box and only your Full name and contact number for the application.
(e.g. special needs for disabled or infants, need for shade and reason, etc.)