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Tiffany Eckhardt & Anne Toner

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“I’m only happy with a song when I’m saying exactly what I mean and exactly what I feel. Complete honesty. I have to get that out. When you’re really honest you can reach people. Because we all feel the same.”Tiffany Eckhardt has applied that simple philosophy of songcraft for 15 years, from country town open mic nights circa ’95 to the hushed tents of Australia’s largest folk festivals.

For six albums, her crystalline voice has rung with the kind of unflinching reflection that turns to universal truth in the shared space between audience and performer.

Sunday, her seventh, is a watershed album. It’s the first to co-credit her partner, renowned guitarist, songwriter and multi-instrumentalist Dave Steel, as a primary creative force. Partly as a result, it’s the most fearless and accomplished self-portrait of Tiffany’s career. “Runaway Train was a little scary to put out there,” she says of the first song, which sets the scene by looking back on her reckless youth with more compassion than longing. “I’ve never talked openly about that part of my life but we were feeling a little less afraid, I guess. What the heck,” she says. “It’s the truth.”